Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Billionaire Erotica -- Why Does It Get Us So Hot?

     What is it about billionaires that get us so hot? I prefer to think that it’s numerous things. For one thing, they can not only sweep us off our feet but they have the means and resources to sweep us out of our financial lives for a permanent fix.

     Billionaires also have a strong sense of maturity about them. Let’s face it: we’re not dealing with little boys here. We’re dealing with men. They’re men who own blocks, not ones who play with them. They might be busy men with a little time for a relationship, but at least you don’t have to wait for them to get their act in gear.

     From there, you can use your imagination. Are they gorgeous? Well, they can be if you want them to be. Are they incredible in bed? Again, your imagination needn’t be limited. To that end, it makes a lot of sense why Fifty Shades of Grey took off. Romance is, at time, unbelievable but the heroine’s love interest isn’t that unbelievable. In a way, he’s as solid as they come. What woman wouldn’t love to have such a solid guy?

     I had a writing teacher who taught me this formula: the truth + a little imagination = credible fiction. With that formula, I wrote the story “Give Yourself to Me: A Billionaire Domination”. I figured I could write about a solid billionaire stud that is not just solid and decent, but gorgeous and amazing between the sheets. Look for more billionaire fiction to come from me soon.
Right now, the story is available exclusively on Amazon.

Give Yourself to Me at Amazon

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