Saturday, 6 October 2012

Plus Size Erotica Is In!

     Plus Size erotica is in! Yep, along with other sub-genres of erotica, stories that feature Big Beautiful Women (BBW) really are a current trend. Naturally I had to make sure I satisfied that demographic of my readership, so I’ll get to that in a second.

     Big Beautiful Woman stories are, well, for big beautiful women. It flies in the face of the modern societal judgement of beauty and gives credence to women who have beautiful bodies that don’t fit the norm. I’m a big believer in the beauty is in the eye of the beholder motto. I really am. So, I doubt it takes much imagination to create a story in which a gorgeous and powerful man finds beauty and satisfaction in a curvy woman.

     Plus there just aren’t enough stories out there on this theme. I once attended a writer’s conference panel on gay themed fiction and an author of gay mysteries said he wrote gay mysteries because there weren’t any. He wanted to see them. I’m sure many BBW out there would love to be represented in some hot, sexy stories, so I and other erotic authors are doing just that.

     So far, I have just one BBW title out – Give Yourself to Me: A Billionaire Seduction – but count on more likeminded material from me. After all, Big Beautiful Women everywhere deserve it.
     In the meantime, check out this BBW tale!

Jenny, a curvy, big beautiful woman, is breath-taken when she catches a glimpse of Stephen Graham, the gorgeous billionaire, when he gives a talk at the library where she works about his keys to success. She becomes even more breath-taken when he surprises her after work by sweeping her off her feet and whisking her away to a luxury hotel. He says he has one secret to success that he didn’t share with the audience that he’s willing to share with her . . . depending on whether or not she can pass his gauntlet of passion.

This smokin’ hot story depicts graphic sexual content including spanking, bondage, fingering and rough sex that is not meant for readers under 18.
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